On the annual award night Towers' staff concluded a great 2014 season by honoring a number of this season's key players and top performers. Linebacker Philip Hargett received the biggest accolade as he was named the team MVP.


Being the vocal leader and captain on the defense, Philip Hargett, wearing jersey number 55, was arguably one of the main forces behind the Towers' second Mermaid Bowl title in as many seasons. To be deemed as the most valuable player of his team has the linebacker extremely pleased. Before the season began, Hargett decided to quit cross-fit and dedicate himself to the purple.


"It's so cool to get the feeling that such a decision actually pays off. I would be lying if I told you that it was my goal to become the team MVP before the season but it was a clear ambition of mine to be one of the cornerstones on the defense and help raise the level of play of the unit," Hargett said on his new title.


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Just days before QB JR Artozqui's final flight back to California, Towers Media sat down with JR, on the field that he spent so many hours on, for one last chat.

It was a casual talk about the past five seasons, being the longest tenured import player in Towers' history, winning two Mermaid Bowls and of course about the future.

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MB2014_runThe Copenhagen Towers have crowned a spectacular season with a historic 26-3 Mermaid Bowl win over the Aarhus Tigers. With the win Towers become the first team to lift the prestigious trophy for a sixth time.

A fantastic season that featured multiple appearances in the IFAF European Champions League and a 9-1 regular season record in the National League has come to a conclusion. In the biggest game of the year the defending champions demonstrated that they are indeed back on top of American football here in Denmark. Facing off against the only team to beat the purple this year - Aarhus Tigers - surely added another dimension of excitement to the game.

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The Towers are ready to defend the Mermaid Bowl title. After an evenly and hard fought battle against the bitter rivals from Søllerød Gold Diggers, the Towers surged and claimed a 33-8 victory to get back in the Bowl for the second time in a row.


Saturday the 9-1 Towers hosted the 6-4 Gold Diggers in one of two semi-finals, and on the home turf in Gentofte the defending champions did not disappoint.

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The play-offs are here. The Towers host our arch-rivals, the Søllerød Gold Diggers, in the semi-finals this Saturday, at 14:00. It looks to be an emotional affair with both teams bidding farewell to two men who have meant the world to their teams.


Owning a 9-1 record and the first seed in the National League the Towers have enjoyed a bye week in the opening round of the 2014 play-offs. The Gold Diggers are 6-4 for the season and entered the play-offs in the Wild Card round, where they disposed of the Herlev Rebels by a score of 27-0.


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With starting QB J.R. Artozqui out, and the rain pouring heavily down on the field, Towers had to adjust to find a new way to cross Lucifer’s Backyard successfully. Guided by new man under center Louis Lech Nissen the visitors found a way through Demon-land to claim a 6-31 victory.


After some well-deserved weeks away from football the Towers looked to build upon their undefeated record against the Amager Demons. Lead by QB Louis Lech Nissen, who got his first start with Artozqui injured, and another strong defensive performance the Towers improved to 7-0. But the weather made it a tough task on a day when even planes had a hard time landing at the nearby airport due to the heavy rain.


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Making a statement to the entire league on an emotional and historic day at Gentofte Stadum, the Towers hammered the Triangle Razorbacks 32-6 in an eagerly awaited rematch of Mermaid Bowl XXV.


Re-integrating players returning home from overseas stays and injuries, topping up your roster with U19 players and taking play-calls from an interim offensive coordinator would not appear as the best way to enter the grudge match against the Razorbacks.


As it turns out, it was more than enough.


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